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    We are here to assist you in becoming more resistant to actual threat. "Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." H.K

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    Technology is our home ground, we know how to make you and it feel comfortable together. Technology is the current and far future, it’s not the goal surely, though it is our new wheels for this road of information.

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    We, we'll make you more robust. You, you'll make the people looking up at your business know that you do what it takes to be here for them, to be sustainable.

The things we do

In a complex environment, we believe the best thing to do is to keep things as simple as possible.

And if that’s impossible, well.. at least bring order to chaos


Proactive Security Assurance





#1 – PSA

Challenge ~ Overload.

These things we don’t know of, those threats, those already compromised systems. How can you protect yourself from what you can’t see? And how can we progress from a sneak peak, to a clear site view? How to distinguish principal and secondary?

Things you know that you know.

Things you know that you don't know.

Things you don't know that you don't know.


Solution ~ PSA.

Proactive Security Assurance is our solution.

The Proactive Security Assurance program is constructed of two processes:


An ongoing penetration test allows you to forward from a still snapshot of your system security posture to a live video stream. The Proactive Security Assurance  Penetration Test is the first step in to breaking the boundaries of knowledge.


A complete risk assessment examines your business 360º, some of the vectors are:  Technology, Business flow, Financial and Human. Understand what really threatens your business, what should be your top three focal points. The Proactive Security Assurance  Risk Assessment is the more complete assessment scaling beyond the technology scope.

As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it. ~ A.E

#2 – DOS

Challenge ~ Defaults.

That very impressive security system that can do almost everything you dream of but you just can’t afford. Or worse,  you can afford it, you invested all your budget just to buy and implement it. Not only you don’t really know whats under the hood, you don’t have the budget to make it tick.

Costs hold you from advancing.

License fees kills maintenance.

Closed source is a black box.


Solution ~ DOS.

DevOps-Security is our solution.

We perceive the realms of service and solutions as a coherent one, it should be so that those who know how, deliver. That being said, if Opex can replace Capex, one can preserve a very high level of service for the long term.

DOS ~ Solutions

We love free information security tools, we enjoy adjusting it to our needs, we’ll help you get awesome results. Our range of solutions include: Network security monitoring, Network access control, Firewalls, Web application firewalls, Content filtering, Mobile device security, and more tailored solutions..

DOS ~ Services

In an open-source service you not only get what you want, you also learn through the process and can relay on a large support network when ever you choose to. We open-source our service as well as every other aspect of our doing, you get transparency, affordability and huge experience.

I often compare open source to science. To where science took this whole notion of developing ideas in the open and improving on other peoples’ ideas and making it into what science is today and the incredible advances that we have had. And I compare that to witchcraft and alchemy, where openness was something you didn’t do. ~ L.T

#3 – EDU

Challenge ~ Knowledge.

Most of what being thought at the academy doesn’t really serves you in the work market. Most of what being thought at the tech schools is vendor dependent and only gives you a fruit to eat, not a seed to plant a forest from.

Thinking you know it all.

Believing you won't succeed.

Getting comfortable in our comfort zone.


Solution ~ Education.

Education, the learning process, digging deep and exploring new realms, we find our grates joy in it. We believe that learning is by far the most important thing to do, understand technology, you’ll be able to make magic with it. It’s an open guild, everybody can learn.

Academic courses

We’re building the bridge between the academia and professional worlds by taking our hands on practical experience and writing and teaching different sets of courses mainly in the field of information security. It’s quite a treat when your BA / BSc /MBA includes from seven to sixteen practical, theoretical and hands on courses in this field of expertise.

Institutional courses

Institutional courses are tailor made courses, specifically fitted for your needs. We’re teaching you how to understand the technology or the technical field you’re after, and it’s very different from certifying for a vendor certificate. learning how to master a tool might make you a great technician, though learning the technology building blocks and how they all interact and integrate would surely give you all you need to make yourself a connoisseur.

We don’t know all the answers. If we knew all the answers we’d be bored, wouldn’t we? We keep looking, searching, trying to get more knowledge. ~ J.L

A “bit” about us

Moshe Barash


Moshe has practiced leading roles and positions in the field of Business development and Marketing. For the past forty years Moshe has been involved in various activities in the realms of Business scale up design for execution, Business branding and marketing for success delivery, Offshore business development and general management.

Lior Barash

Founder & CTO

Lior has practiced leading roles and positions in the field of Data networking and Information Security systems architecture. For the past thirteen years Lior has been involved in various projects such as design and implementation of large scale networking and security solutions, consultant services including security assessments from the physical to the logical layers, threat modelling computer crime investigations etc. Through the past ten years he has been writing an lecturing about information security systems for all the major schools in Israel including academy institutes.

Yishai Grestel

Bits ninja

Yishai has been designing Information security architectures and assessing cross business domain security posture for the last couple of years, He specialises in complex high-level design and application penetration testing.

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